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Peek Inside: The Power of Choice

From The Power of Choice:

Introduction:  Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher was credited with theorizing that "The unexamined life is not worth living." This is so true!  As a matter of fact I found this to be one of the single most common conditions my clients presented when I was a practicing clinical hypnotherapist.  As it turns out, most of them didn't even realize what they didn't know about why they were feeling less than fulfilled. (p.XVIII)

Fogiveness is not about changing our circumstances or changing the people we live or work with.  It's all about letting go of the hurtful thoughts that our ego causes us to harbor.  Forgiving is all about freeing our self from the prison of our own thoughts.  Until we learn to forgive others and ourselves for that matter, we will continue to live with the burdon of anger, resentment, and blame.  (p. 104)

Hypnosis is a very powerful yet deeply misunderstood treatment modality. Many lay people get caught up in the "stage show" version of it and as such, they are totally misinformed about the enormous potential hypnosis holds for them in their quest for health and happiness. (p.131)

Let me close this chapter by reminding you once again that successful people can and do find meaning in the workplace and indeed in their lives.  They don't waste time whining, complaining, and or blaming.  They stay focused on being what it is they wished their colleagues and their employers would be. (p.148)