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THE POWER OF CHOICE: Living the Life You Always Wanted and Absolutely Deserve


Dr. Berge Minasian, retired Solana Beach School District Principal has just published his first book entitled THE POWER of CHOICE: Living the Life You Always Wanted and Absolutely Deserve.  He draws on his 35 years in education, 10 years as a clinical hypnotherapist and 8 years as a staff development coordinator for Bergensons Property Services as the basis for his recommendations.


The book is developed around the premise that "belief in your ability to manifest your goals absolutely grows when you understand the Power of Choice.  The author promises that once you read his book, you can never ever revert to blaming your genes, your parents, your significant others, your employer, or society in general for the present quality of your life.


He teaches us that after we strip away all of the usual excuses, it always comes back to the choices WE have made and are still making about OUR own life. It's all about the choices one makes when creating friendships, taking a job, or selecting a significant other.  It's about how one chooses to interpret the meaning of his interactions with others.  It's about whether one chooses to wallow in past "hurts" or whether one chooses to put them away in the bins of ancient history.   The quality of one's life is indeed, all about the quality of one's choices.


Dr. Minasian uses poignant anecdotal examples throughout the book which tend to clarify his message in a very reader friendly manner.  For example, he tells about a young man, age 25, born without arms or legs, who became a hugely successful businessman and a highly sought after motivational speaker.  Then he also calls attention to some super stars in our society, with every reason in the world to be happy, but for one reason or another, kill themselves with their lifestyle choices. 


During his long and diverse career, Dr. Minasian systematically collected information about why some people seemed to have it all while others just couldn't get started.  He focused on what made people happy and successful rather than what made people unhappy and unfulfilled.   And what he found was that it was one's attitudes, values and beliefs which defined his success and or his failure.  In other words it was all about what one chose to believe about what he was experiencing which lead to the behaviors which shaped his outcomes.  It wasn't one's genes or other people, but it was simply the choices they made.  Knowing all this, one can no longer live his life acting and believing that he has been a victim of forces outside of his control.


As simple as this might seem on the surface, it really is rather difficult for people to acknowledge that they need help to create the life they always wanted and absolutely deserved.  Most are content to just lay the responsibility for their condition on someone else. If only my mom and dad didn't......., or if only my husband was......, or my boss is such a.......   In the end, most saw themselves as "the victims" of someone else's behavior and or expectations.


Dr. Minasian found that more often than not, the ones who were in a failing relationship with a significant other looked outside of themselves for the cause.  After all, who wants to openly admit that they made a mistake?  Our ego usually takes charge and causes us to avoid assuming any negative role in our unhappiness.  It allows us; indeed it compels us to assume the "victim" role. 


The author assures us that if we don't like the way our life is playing out, we can change it. Our past does not necessarily define our future.  His advice for people who need to change their life is "first admit that you want something different, believe in your ability to achieve it, make a plan and then take action.  Try it, it works!


Dr. Minasian includes sensible suggestions about managing the stressors in one's life while improving one's ability to interact effectively with others in the home, the workplace or in social settings.  He stresses the importance of systematically strengthening your self-concept and your self-esteem and he includes a reader friendly self-hypnosis script which you can use to accomplish this.


Some of the major themes presented in the book are:

  1. The sooner you learn that health, happiness, and success are the product of your personal choices, the sooner you will live the life you always wanted and absolutely deserve. 
  2. If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you will keep getting what you have always been getting.
  3. Nothing has any meaning other than that which you choose to give. Regardless of your condition, if you can find a "why" to survive and thrive, you will find the "how."
  4. Optimism and positive thoughts tend to heal while pessimism and negative thoughts tend to bring unhappiness and illness.  Choose well!
  5. Bright people talk about ideas; average people talk about things, the rest talk about other people.  What do you talk about?
  6. Learn to control the ego and life just seems to "flow" perfectly.  But the uncontrolled ego will never allow us to feel satisfied and fulfilled.


Dr. Minasian says that he has never ever heard of anyone who was sorry he took ownership for how his life was playing out.  In every instance, doing so was like lifting a major weight off one's back and it almost always freed them up to openly address their own needs instead of trying to change someone else or trying to recreate history.  Once the focus was where it belonged, positive change was inevitable.  He assures us that our ability to manifest our goals will absolutely improve when we understand the enormous POWER OF CHOICE.


Finally a word for those who are already living the life they always wanted and deserved.  Congratulations!  However, you may wish to read this book anyhow just to reinforce the successful paradigms you have chosen to guide your life.  Who knows, you might even learn something.