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Reviews of Choose to Thrive:

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Reviews of The Power of Choice:

"The book--its design, format and 'general feel'-- is very appealing. My congratulations to you for writing such an inspirational and much-needed title.

The chapter headings, the quotes introducing each chapter, and the excellent "Some Thoughts to Consider" sections that close each chapter, really enhance the content and make the enitre book accessible to all who read it.

They should read--and re-read--your book. Doing so would bring some lasting sanity into their lives and world"

--George Kirazian Jr. (Playwright, composer and author)


"The Power of Choice, is a very helpful guide and a great roadmap for people like me, who often choose random paths and byways as a means for traveling through life, often encountering dangerous detours and dead ends.  The book contains inspirational anecdotes and practical suggestions for making your life the one you want it to be. This little book is full of wisdom.  Keep it by your bedside!"

Barbara McCarley, Ph.D. (Literary Consultant)


"This is a thoughtful book written in a manner that makes it an easy read.  Life's lessons are abundant throughout.  Stories are told without lecturing.  I found that often I had to leave off reading after a few pages so that I could digest and mull over the meaning/implication of what I had just read. 

It is a roadmap of renewal on how one could/should live in a rewarding way.  The spiritual element is there throughout and is, I think, appropriately underplayed.  One will reference this book time and again to refresh and renew the possibilities presented."

Diana Papazian R.N. (Clinical Research Operations Consultant)


As I concluded my reading of "The Power of Choice," I quickly prefigured the paradoxical wisdom of this book as I realized that Dr. Minasian gives his readers "nothing" that they do not already possess, by the Grace of God, in their own rich archives.  Instead the writer deftly hands them back a graspable version of their own long forgotten "body/mind armament" firmly planted in their own intellectual clutch.  Dr. Minasian methodically and patiently teaches, coaxes, and coaches each reader to properly hold his own sword by its proverbial handle--not its blade--before wielding and cutting through the illusory obstacles and imaginary hindrances they have unwittingly manufactured in their own lives.

Anto Arakelian  (avid reader)


I have just finished reading your book, "The power of Choice." I want to complement you on presenting a powerful case for your conclusions.  In so doing, you have done a brilliant job of demonstrating that each of us is capable of determing our own destiny.

I have held top management positions in the United States Air Force, in the United States Government as a Senior Executive in the Department of Energy and in the business world as a partner in a national accounting firm, Coopers and Lybrand.  I have found that the principles you outline in your book apply universally to every organizational structure.

I can recommend your book to all levels of management as well as to individuals seeking greater contentment and happiness in life.

Michael J. Tashjian, Brigadier General, USAF (retired)